9 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

shutterstock_109006694If you’re considering purchasing or refinancing a home in Virginia Beach VA, it’s important to take the necessary steps to increase your credit score. You want to ensure you have the highest credit score possible, so you will be better positioned to qualify for the best possible mortgage rate and products. Continue reading


The Pros and Cons of FHA Financing in Hampton Roads VA

shutterstock_97977032As the real estate market in Hampton Roads continues to stabilize, many buyers are considering purchasing a home with a FHA loan. Originally created to boost home ownership for moderate-income families, FHA loans offer low down payment guidelines and affordable closing cost. These benefits have positioned FHA loans as an increasingly popular financing tool for buyers of all income levels. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of VA Financing in Virginia Beach VA

VA Beach Mortgages Virginia Beach VABuying a new home in Virginia Beach VA can be an exciting experience. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, buying a house is an important milestone impacting your future. Just as with any major decisions in life, deciding on the type of financing that is best for you, should be carefully researched. Continue reading

7 Simple Updates to Help Sell Your Virginia Beach Home

shutterstock_78966664The spring season is here in Virginia Beach, and now is the time to get your home market-ready. When you list your home and invite potential buyers in, it’s important to have your property ready for the market or you risk the opportunity to make a good first impression. Updates don’t have to be expensive, and with a little preparation and planning, your home will stand-out, which means a faster sale and less market time.

Here are 7 simple ideas to get your home market-ready. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Refinancing Your Home

patrick bowler movement mortgageIf you are like many Virginia Beach VA property owners, you’ve most likely considered refinancing your current mortgage to take advantage of low interest rates. Before you decide if refinancing is right for you and your family, it’s recommended you consider the different options and the pros and cons of a refinance. Continue reading

Understanding PMI

patrick bowler movement mortgage For many buyers, looking to purchase a home in Virginia Beach VA, private mortgage insurance (PMI) can be a major cost factor, but buyers do have options when it comes to private mortgage insurance.

Private mortgage insurance, also referred to as lender mortgage insurance, is the part of the monthly mortgage payment that a buyer pays to the lender if the mortgage is more than 80% of the purchase price of the property. In many cases, PMI is required for loan approval to protect the lender in case the buyer defaults on the loan. Once, payments reach 20% of the principal loan, PMI is removed from the mortgage and from the payments. Continue reading